For those of you who have been using Kemgo to post or search for products, by now you’ve probably noticed that the majority of our products are products for sale. This was done on purpose and can best be described in what we like to call our “little dance”. However, over the next couple of weeks, you will see an influx of products wanted. Let us explain why these cycles occur.

First , we wanted to build content (through postings) on our website. We knew that it was easier to build content through the sale side because of the abundance of available products for sale, and frankly, we knew it would be easier to convince sellers to post product than to get buyers to post their products needs.

Based on the products for sale, we’ve begun reaching out to buyers who are in need of those products to generate bids and transactions. We’re also asking these same buyers what additional product needs they may have. Based on those needs, we’re helping them find sellers. Then, when we find those sellers, we’ll ask them to post their products…

And, this dance continues, back and forth, to create a marketplace. We are currently in our second cycle about to start the third. Eventually, our aim is to step out of the cycle and have the platform manage itself.

Based on the response thus far, we’re implementing this strategy successfully, and we’re working hard to ensure the smooth flow of postings and bidding from buyers and sellers.

So, either way, let us know what products you need, or which products you’d like to sell and we will be an extension of your team helping you generate additional revenue and be more efficient.


Joe Naaman & Ralph de Haan

(Kemgo Co-Founders and Co-CEOs)


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