Maximize price and streamline the sales process.

Maximized pricing, process, and profit.

Kemgo’s marketplace and eAuction platform reduces hours of back-and-forth with buyers – and that’s just the beginning. Most sellers make more than they expected.

Whether you are looking to sell product through a marketplace, set up a competitive bidding process through eAuctions, or even develop a portal on your own website powered by Kemgo, we provide sellers solutions that meet them where they are. Kemgo is a new sales channel that provides sellers with an additional tool in their toolkit to find more buyers, streamline processes, maximize pricing and ultimately, generate more revenues.


Register your product
Wait for a buyer to find you and place a bid or invite buyers to bid
Finalize the transaction
Organize payment, logistics and documentation with the buyer
Sell your product
Have you been invited to participate in an eAuction or Marketplace transaction?
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