A firm that operates in the B2B space needs to have a website that is informative and also nudges the visitor towards making a purchase. It is unrealistic to expect someone who visits your website to becom e a customer right away. But if you can capture and retain the attention of potential clients, it is likely that over a period of time, many of your visitors will becom e paying customers.

How can a chemical com pany build new B2B relationships through its website? Is there any way it can enhance the level of its association with its existing customers?

Get the basics right

A com pany dealing in chemicals needs to ensure that its website provides information on the products that it offers. These details should be presented in an easy to access format which is simple to understand. If some facts are not readily available on the website or if getting the relevant particulars is a cumbersome process, it is likely that your visitors will move on.

You also need to highlight the benefits that you offer. Explain the advantages of buying from your com pany. If your prices are the lowest, you need to bring this to the customer’s attention. If your selling point is that you also provide a range of value-added services, then you should try and get the client to focus on this aspect of your firm’s expertise.

Remember that a client who is on your website should be able to get the following details effortlessly:

  • Information about your product.
  • Your pricing structure.
  • The best way to contact you for any additional information.

While providing these details may not result in a sale, not providing them will definitely reflect poorly on your com pany.

High-quality content is essential

The type of content on your website says a lot about your firm. If the blog posts that you put up contain stale information that is easily available at other places, readers will soon lose interest. Webinars and eBooks will keep your clients engaged and help you to strengthen the relationship that you have built.

It is useful to remember that valuable content by itself will not help you to increase your sales. Instead, your content strategy should work as part of a conversion plan. You may want to offer low-value content to a casual visitor to your website. Those who furnish their email addresses could be provided with higher-end content. Your proprietary content could be reserved for your customers.

Understanding what the customer wants

The final objective of good website design is to attract visitors and convert them into customers. It is crucial to bear in mind that the client’s buying process is very different from your selling process. If your website has a focus on selling, the probability of meeting your business targets is reduced.

Instead, your website design should focus on the steps involved in the buying process. The importance of the price at which you are selling your product cannot be overstated. This is especially true for sellers of chemical products that have standard specifications. However, low prices are a necessary but not sufficient condition to attract customers.

A successful B2B sale also requires the seller to collaborate with the buyer. It is necessary to understand the problems that a customer is facing and explain how dealing with your com pany can help to solve these. Providing information is not enough. In any case, buyers can access an abundance of details online. What they require is someone to guide them through the buying process and provide answers to the queries that they raise.

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