The Truth About Selling with Kemgo

Looking for the assurance you need to sell your chemical or polymer on Kemgo’s secure, proprietary, growing online platform? Here are the five worries we hear most, and the reasons they don’t hold weight.

Fear #1: Cost
Many prospective sellers assume they’ll spend more using Kemgo online auctions than they do using traditional sales channels. In actuality, almost all sellers earn significantly more with Kemgo – and spend less doing it.

Here’s why:
Our online platform charges a fixed, easy-to-forecast fee based on the total sales price – but only if an auction is successful. No buyer? You pay nothing. This is the extent of our fine print. Kemgo has no signup fees or hidden fees and does not require a subscription. Registration is free. This makes us an outlier on the chemical sales landscape, where more than 90% of platforms require commitments or pay-to-play upfront expenses with zero promise of returns.

Fear #2: Learning curves for buyers
You don’t want to burden prospective buyers with a new process or learning curve. We get it. It’s why Kemgo online auctions are designed to be ridiculously user-friendly. Anyone who has ever clicked a link in an email has the skills needed to participate.

How it works:
When you, the seller, create an auction, you’re prompted to enter prospective buyers’ email addresses. Those recipients receive a friendly invitation to create a Kemgo account. Auction details and a bidding button are displayed prominently on their dashboard. They receive a confirmation email if/when they place a bid, notifications if they’re outbid, and an email when the auction closes. It’s that easy.

Want extra assurance that your buyers will have a seamless experience? We’re happy to set up individual or group tutorials before their first auction.

Fear #3: Data security
Your pricing data, company information, and specific auction details are indisputably safe with Kemgo. We’ve completed strict audits by some of the largest chemical companies in the world and have been reviewed by a third-party global expert, verifying our online auctions’ and platform’s high degree of security. Our multi-layer framework is so secure, our own administrators can’t access your data. In short, we understand what’s at stake – and are built accordingly.

Fear #4: Conflict of interest
Many online marketplaces are owned and/or backed by big chemical companies. Kemgo isn’t. A fully independent business, we’re an objective platform that lets the market – not stakeholder interests – drive business decisions, pricing, and auction results.  

Fear #5: Not enough product to sell
We hear it all the time: “I only have a few pounds of prime or expired material.”

Good news, especially for smaller sellers: Auction volume doesn’t matter with Kemgo. You can auction off even a miniscule volume of chemicals. In fact, we encourage it. Want to try Kemgo on for size? Find a small amount of a chemical or polymer you want to sell. Something low stakes – perhaps off-spec, aging, or expired material. Register it, create an auction, and experience the ease and profits that follow. We’re confident you’ll be back soon, eager to sell and earn more.

Kemgo online auctions are increasingly trusted and increasingly effective, helping sellers earn top dollar for chemicals and polymers they don’t want or need. Want to hear more? Reach out to for a 30-minute demo.

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